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Freeze Dried Candy

Freeze Dried Candy

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About 36 hours ago these were the normal sweets we know and love. 

Now they've gone through the process of lyophilisation (or freeze-drying) which removes all water from the sweets leaving behind pure sugar crystals. 

And while the water is removed the taste is enhanced as well as the size and texture making for a completely unique sweet experience. 

Imagine sweets like cherries, bubblegum bottles, and watermelons — which already taste incredible — tasting EVEN BETTER! 

Our freeze-dried mix-ups include a random selection of everyones favourite sweets like cherries, bubblegum bottles, watermelons, taffy, giant snakes, heart throbs and more because we want you to be able to try the lot. 

Assorted freeze-dried candy pick-n-mix. 

The best value for money anywhere in the UK & Ireland. 100g Bag.

Grab your bag today!




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